Live a Life of Love

Our church (Highland Christians Fellowship) is continuing our study of Ephesians. On Sunday, I taught on Ephesians 5:1-2. The audio recording is now available. You can listen to or download it by using the audio player on the Teaching Audio page.

Isaac Comes Home

Christmas Baby. I was born on Dec 21 and they brought me home in a stocking.Here is Isaac in the very same stocking!

(left ) Samantha was excited!  "Baby, baby, baby . . ."  (right) photo opportunity

Giving Strategy

Highland Christian Fellowship finally has a presentable website (but there is still work to be done). We have added to the site a link that explains our "Giving Strategy." Similar to the article "Ministry and Money," this is the practical outworking of our conviction concerning how a church might handle finances in a biblical fashion. We also started a community Facebook page.

The Ministry of a Father

My teaching on Father's Day was from 1 Thess 2:11-12, The Ministry of a Father. You can listen to or download it from the audio player on the right sidebar. Here are the four main points: 1. A father’s ministry to his own children is unique.

2. A father’s ministry is to each individual child.

3. A father’s ministry is to lead his children into personal submission to God.

4. A father’s ministry is to encourage, comfort, and charge his children to live a life worthy of God.

A True Reflection

“As in water face reflects face,so the heart of man reflects the man.” Prov 27:19

We are not necessarily who we present ourselves to others to be. We are always, though, who we are in our hearts. Our secret thoughts, desires, ambitions, fears, and hopes. This is our true self. Integrity is when the way that I present myself to others is the way that I am in my heart.