Plug for My Ancient History Class

"The first of a three-year program of classes integrating theology, history, and literature from Creation to the present day is being offered this year at the Blue Ridge Teaching Co-op.  These classes are based on the Omnibus curriculum provided by Veritas Press, a classical curriculum provider for homeschoolers and classical Christian schools.  From their web-site: "Omnibus is a Latin term meaning "all encompassing." Our purpose is to have students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge---all disciplines are related to and under the Lordship of Jesus Christ....[Students will be led] through the study of the great works from antiquity, teaching with the emphasis on ideas, not simply information. ...With Trinitarian thinking at the core of the study, students will learn to interact with timeless material, including the greatest works in Western Civilization, in a wise and godly way.  In Omnibus I: Biblical and Classical Civilizations students will cover history, literature and theology from the dawn of time to the fall of Rome. They will also apply and further develop their skills in composition, logic and aesthetics." This first year course being offered through BRTC is entitled "Biblical and Classical Civilizations".  The theology/history class is being taught by Dr. Matthew McDill (listed as "Ancient History" on the BRTC site) and the complementary literature class is being taught by Mrs. Renee Fuller, (listed as "Ancient Literature" on the BRTC site).  These two classes may be taken separately or together.  There are no prerequisite requirements.

Next year, "Church Fathers through the Reformation" is scheduled to be offered, followed by a third year of "Reformation to the Present".   Though students are not required to participate in both classes in any one year or in subsequent years of the program's course, a student would benefit greatly from any one, two, or certainly all three years of the program, which would constitute the study of a chronological, Christian worldview, literature-based history of the world using primary resource documents and the "Great Books" of Western Civilization.

There are openings available in Dr. McDill's and Mrs. Fuller's classes.  Please visit, and the Blue Ridge Teaching Co-operative link for more information.