New Life at Our House

I had two very important early morning meetings on Friday in my office. They were not planned meetings. Soon after he got up my son Caleb (9 yrs) came into my office with a picture he had drawn. It was a replica of a drawing I had done for him several weeks ago that depicted the Gospel. But on his picture he drawn himself crossing the "Cross" bridge to get to God. He proceeded to explain that a couple of weeks back he had given his life to Christ, just as I had explained to him, but he just hadn't told me yet. Moments later Josiah (7 yrs) came into my office. He preempted his discussion with me by explaining that he wasn't coming to talk to me just because Caleb had. He explained that he and Caleb had been talking about their decision to give their lives to Christ and had been praying for each other about it. Josiah's main concern was that he was not old enough or didn't really understand it. One of his reasons for this was seeing what had happened with our daughter Bethany (10 yrs). She was baptized when she was six. It was not long after this that I questioned that decision and concluded we had jumped the gun. Last month Bethany came to us believing that she did not really understand what she was doing when she was six and was ready to give her life to Christ. So, I talked with Josiah about this and we both had peace that he indeed understood what he was doing.

Three kids trusting the Lord as their savior in two months! Very exciting. Leading our children to Christ is the most important thing we can do for them. We will continue to disciple them and help them learn to walk in his ways. We are thankful to God for drawing them to himself and for the privilege and responsibility of guiding them in this journey.