Raising Chickens

We have decided to raise chickens. Here are the reasons why:

1. To have fresh, natural eggs. 2. To save money on buying eggs (which we eat a lot of and which are expensive if you buy higher quality eggs). 3. To save money on buying chicken. Once the chickens quit laying well, we will butcher them for meat. 4. To press on in our journey to be resourceful, healthy, and self-sufficient. 5. To use as a source of education for the whole family.

I have learned that Rhode Island Red chickens are good for both eggs and meat. So, we are going to order 25 chicks from Welp Hatchery.  Here is my list of things to get so we are ready to care for that many chicks:

  • Construct a 13 square foot, 18 inch high cardboard box
  • Bedding - peat moss or wood chips
  • Chick feed - 50lbs, 20% protein
  • Heat lamp
  • Thermometer
  • One gallon waterer