Our Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day at our house yesterday. We started off the festivities with a game of Wiffle Ball (me against the three oldest) and then capture the flag (we made up our own every-man-for-himself version). Then we sat on the front porch and enjoyed a glass of iced tea. Then we fired up my new grill (Father's Day present) for some burgers. Caleb helped me flip them. You can see Samantha in the background - her first cookout!


As the grill was heating up, it reminded us of sitting around a campfire, so we decided to build a fire and roast marshmallows. Well, that got us to thinking about camping and so we decided to go ahead and set up the tent and sleep outside! We all had a great time together! I am so thankful for my children; they are blessing from God.


Josiah is posing that he is in the middle of a bite.


You can see the chickens in the background. They are growing fast! We should have some eggs by October.