Second Edition of Making Friends for Christ Available!

Here is the description of the book printed on the back cover:Making Friends Cover "This is not a gimmick. It is not the next modern evangelism strategy for you or your church to use for a while and then discard when the next one comes along. It is not about pretending to be friends with people to fulfill a hidden conversion agenda.

"Making Friends for Christ is an exploration of loving others the way that Jesus loved us, intentionally, relationally, and sacrificially. The people all around us want to be loved. They need a friend who will listen to them and care for them. And that is just what Jesus wants us to do. As we live in love and truth, his light shines into people’s lives so that they may know Love Himself.

"Making Friends for Christ is a guide for learning how to be a real friend. It offers practical, everyday ideas for touching the people God has already put into your life. You will learn how to be a good listener, overcome common barriers, and invest in relationships. You can turn your home into a place of ministry and effectively tell how Christ has changed your life. You can learn to pray in faith for your friends and family and join with other believers for support and encouragement.

"This second edition of Making Friends for Christ is revised and enlarged for the challenges of the Twenty-First Century evangelism.

"Wayne McDill teaches Communication and Bible Exposition in Wake Forest, North Carolina at Southeastern Seminary.  He has also taught courses in Evangelism, Church Planting, and Pastoral Leadership.  He is author of seven books, including the first edition of Making Friends for Christ, along with books on preaching and personal Christian growth."

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