NCHE Conference!

We are looking forward to our ninth North Carolinians for Home Education Conference! There are only two days left for pre-registration prices. Register before midnight, May 7, and receive a free conference T-shirt! I will be presenting two workshops this year:

G Dr. Matthew McDill, Equip Children for Life with Three Critical Skills (Room E-G)

What will my children really remember after homeschool? (What do I remember from school?) Will my children have the skills necessary to be life-long learners? There are at least three important skills that will equip our children to succeed in any endeavor of life: 1) Research (finding the information they need); 2) Critical thinking (evaluating the information they find); 3) Communication (passing on the information they think is valuable). Come explore the importance of these skills and practical ways to teach them.

G Dr. Matthew McDill, A Basic Educational Strategy (South Main 3)

How do I know I am giving my children what they really need? For what purpose am I preparing them? How can I most effectively teach them? Are there faulty objectives and strategies I have unintentionally carried over from public education? Even those who have been teaching their children at home for years still struggle with these questions. Our answers influence our priorities and strategies. In this session, we will discuss a basic biblical philosophy of education upon which our daily teaching activities can be built.