From Bummer to Blessing: Andrew is Here!


Andrew, our ninth child, was due Aug 14. This morning Dana woke up with heavy bleeding and we headed to the hospital! The doctors concluded that Dana had placenta praevia, which is when the placenta is in the wrong place (covering the cervix). This can be dangerous for mom and baby so they recommended (not a strong enough word) an immediate c-section. Dana did NOT want to have a c-section and we were not really ready to have a baby today. That was the bummer part.

The blessing part became more obvious as the doctors saw how serious the condition could have been if not detected when it was. The greatest blessing, of course, is that Andrew is here!

His name is Andrew Vernon. Vernon is the middle name of my dad, my grandpa, and Dana's dad, and the first name of Dana's great grandpa. He was born at 11:54am, July 29, weighing 7 lb. 12 oz. and 18 1/2" long.

He has had trouble breathing so far and has been in the nursery with oxygen and an IV. Pneumonia, other infections, and immature long development have now been ruled out. He just has fluid in his lungs as a result of the c-section. This should resolve itself. In the meantime, though, this could result in jaundice and difficulties in nursing. Please pray these things are not a problem so we don't have to stay in the hospital all week!