How to Read More Books This Year


I am currently reading Michael Hyatt’s new book Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals. I love this book and look forward to telling you more about it later.
In chapter 13, Hyatt describes how to plan out specific steps to accomplish your goals. He encourages his readers to seek outside help when figuring out how to accomplish their goals. He writes, “The good news is, for almost every goal we want to accomplish, someone else knows how to get there.” 

So, when I began to write out goals for reading books, I decided to look up some articles about setting book reading goals. I found this article by Joel Miller, 10 Rules to Read More Books This Year.  This is definitely worth a read if you’d like some encouragement on how to read more books this year. Here are my favorite tips:

  1. Keep track of the books you read. I have not done this consistently, but when I do, I have used the Goodreads mobile app and website.  
  2. Follow your whims. Miller suggests that we should read what we want. Don’t keep trudging through something that is boring or unhelpful. This leads into the next tip. 
  3.  Quit at any time. I also learned this principle from Mortimer Adler in How to Read a Book. There are simply too many great books to read to waste time on mediocre books. 
  4. Vary genres. And I will add, vary topics. This keeps things interesting. This also fits into the next tip. 
  5. Read several books at once. This way you can read whatever suites you or fits into the time you have.  

I hope you find these tips inspiring. Check out the article as well. OK, time to go read a book!