Love Gives Everything . . . and Never Runs Out

Love does not get. Love gives.
     Love gives everything . . . and never runs out.
     Love doesn't need anything because it is already full of Jesus.
     Love is joyfully consumed only with the good of another person.

Love is free.
     Love has no conditions and requires no payment.
     Love is not disturbed by circumstances.

Love risks rejection and get's rejected.
     Love doesn't seek acceptance.

"Love does not rejoice with evil, but rejoices with the truth."
     Love never has to compromise
     Love never has to compromise truth.
     Love tells the truth.
     Love does not have to agree with lies or
                 put up with wickedness to be love.

Love is patient and kind.
     Love smiles.
     Love affirms.
     Love encourages.
     Love is not irritable.

Love is not offended.
     Love does not get run off.
     Love does not get offended when falsely accused.
     Love keeps trying, keeps reaching.

Love wants you to be happy, but doesn't always try to make you happy.
     Love weeps with those who weep.
     Love does not satisfy wrong desires in order to make you happy.
     Love does not enable wrongdoing.
     Love doesn't agree with you to make you happy.
     Love is not controlled by you. You can't get it to do what you want.
     Love says "no" sometimes.

Love does not love in order to "get results."
     Love wants you to change and have peace and joy and trust God. But love can't do
              it for  you and doesn't try.
     Love doesn't try to fix you.
     Love does not calculate outcomes.
     Love prays for you. Love hopes.

God is love.
     Love is full of Jesus.
     Jesus is love and shows us what love is.
     Love begins with and flows from love for Jesus.
     Love for Jesus begins with the love of Jesus.

Love is not prideful.
     Love is teachable.
     Love admits when it is wrong.

Love has an eternal perspective.