I love listening to music. When I am looking for new music, the thirty second samples I usually find are insufficient to really get a feel for whole songs and albums. That is why I think Pandora is a great place to listen to music. It will play music that fits the sound of a genre, artist, or even a song. It is a great way to discover new music that fits what I am enjoy most. The limitation of Pandora is that it usually won't play the specific artist, album, or song you may want to consider purchasing. So when you want to listen to all the best songs of a particular artist or the complete songs of an entire album, go to Love it! The only catch (and there always should be so that artists receive proper compensation for their work) is that you can only listen to complete songs one time, then you only get the thirty second sample. Today, I am enjoying listening to all the best songs of Nickel Creek and adding them to my iTunes wish list to purchase sometime.