Cowboy Coffee and Campfire Cuisine

100_2536This is the official report on the success of our camping vittles. First of all, I am happy to write that Dustin turned out to be an excellent campfire chef. The first night we placed foil packs full of chicken, squash, zucchini, and potatoes in the fire. Aside from some stubborn potatoes, it was delicious! 100_2528


The next night we grilled beef and vegetable kabobs over the fire. Dustin also used coals from the fire to bake biscuits and apple cobbler (if you can beleive it)! On the left you can see them baking on both sides of the fire pit in cast iron pots with coals placed under and on top. It was wonderful.

I made my grand enterance to campfire cooking when I grilled some toast over the fire on our last morning. Dana, Daphne, and Dustin also did some good cookin' on our coleman stove.

Finally, I successfully brewed some cowboy coffee. I bought a percolator that we tried the first night. It took FOREVER and in the end just boiled away. So the next morning I took the percolator part out and tried the cowboy coffee recipe I posted. And it wasn't just good, it was about as good as any coffee I've had. Maybe better. Or maybe the superior taste was enhanced by the fresh morning air and quiet moments by the fire before everyone got up.