Getting Off Meth

Someone recently told a friend of mine a story of how God changed his life. He was addicted to meth. Several years into using it every day, he gave his life to Christ. But he continued to struggled with it for years. One night, while wrestling with God about it, he realized that had really just been playing around with the issue. He had never truly surrendered it to God. He believed with all his heart that God could free him. He said that in three minutes, with that simple choice of faith, he was free from something that some struggle with for months to be free from. What struck me deeply as I heard the story is that we all have issues of the flesh, lesser issues of addiction. Those things with which we struggle with for years and about which we pray for help from God. I have come to believe that those issues are not habits with which to wrestle with, they are habits to kill by surrender and faith. So I observed my own to identify where to begin. What weaknesses of my flesh do I flop around with, thinking I am fighting some kind of battle? When in fact, I am simply failing to surrender that area of my life to God in faith that he can empower me to live in obedience?