What Is Being a Dad?

This morning I was sitting on the porch having some time with God, when my ten year old daughter Bethany came out with her Bible. She asked me if I would help her understand the passage she was reading. It was a great joy to discuss life changing truths with her.

A few minutes after talking with her, I visited my very first website. One of my first posts was written on August 28, 2004. It was a copy of a poem I wrote for Bethany not long after she was born. As you read it you will see why it was so meaningful just after my discussion with her on the front porch. I can see Bethany growing into "a young lady, beautiful and strong, graceful and shining," beginning to look up to the Father for herself.

For You, Bethany

What is being a dad? It is pouring all of God that is in me into you. I want dad to be the first place that you experience Love Himself; The Holy One, Mercy, Righteousness, and Grace in person.

I want more of God in me for you to see. I seek God for you that you may find Him in me.

I think now of you, a young lady beautiful and strong graceful and shining, and the joy that will be mine when you turn your eyes off of this dad. When you turn your eyes up and see for yourself, taste for yourself, love for yourself. The inexplicable joy that will be mine when you seek the face of our Father with your own heart.

But for now, because I am your dad, I will seek Him for you. I pray you will find Him in me.

Dad 8/30/99