Please check out this site my friend Clarke Kennedy is building: Here is part of the description of what the sight is for:

This site is a tool for the body of Christ around the world. It is designed to equip individuals, churches, organizations, families, and communities with a very simple but powerful way to increase the amount of prayer that is lifted up for the things they care about and for the things that God cares about.

One of the most powerful aspects of this site is the ability that it gives anyone to create their own prayer forums about anything they care about. A prayer forum is a group of related prayer topics. For example, you might create a prayer forum for your church under the "Churches" forum in the "Prayer Room" forum. Once you have created a prayer forum for your church, you could add topics for prayer related to your church within that forum.

This may be a useful tool for you in your church, ministry, missions projects, particular crises or anything else for which a community might want to pray together.