Does Your Family Have a Mission?

A family has to have a mission outside of itself.
— Donald Miller

I was encouraged to hear this story about a homeschool family in Texas that ministers to refugees together.


As we prepare our children for a life of service and ministry, what better way than to minister together as a family! I took my three oldest children on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and it had a lasting impact on us all. Even better, find a regular, local place to minister.

Does your family have a mission outside of itself?

Listen to this great story on WORLD Radio - Ministering to Refugees

Meeting and Praying for Refugees

We had a fascinating and diverse group of people into our home for our mid-week prayer meeting. Several ethnic groups were represented: Chinese, Malaysian, African, Serbian, and Iraqi. The reason for this diversity is that Chui Hea Hill (of Malaysian descent) has a wonderful ministry to refugees. She and her husband work with World Relief, U.S. Center for World Missions, and International Justice Mission. She brought with her refugees she is currently assisting: a woman who worked in Iraq as a jounalist and was kidnapped, a young Muslim Iraqi boy who's father was killed by a car bomb, two African boys whose father was a king in Zimbabwe and is running for his life because of his stand against an evil government. We heard their stories and prayed for each of their situations (we also played basketball, ate snacks, and had good fellowship). We were challenged by how much suffering goes on in the world that we are not aware of and encouraged to be available for God to use us to demonstrate his love and truth to other.