The Beginning of All Stories - Genesis 1:1 [Podcast #13]

A Genesis 1 inspired "doodle" by Meredith Riggins

A Genesis 1 inspired "doodle" by Meredith Riggins

Did you know that the entire universe consists of time, space, and matter (energy/mass)? Have you considered that this is a reflection of the tri-unity of God?

A trinity is not a trio or a triad, but a tri-unity, with each part comprising the whole, yet all three required to make the whole. Thus, the universe is all Space, all Time, and all Matter (including energy as a form of matter); in fact, many scientists speak of it as a Space-Matter-Time continuum. Furthermore, note the parallels between the divine trinity and the tri-universe in terms of the logical order of its three components. Space is the invisible, omnipresent background of everything in the universe. Matter-and-Energy reveal the reality of the universe. Time makes the universe understandable in the events occurring in it. Note that exactly the same sentence will apply if the words Father, Son, and Holy Spirit replace the words, Space, Matter, and Time.”

Dr. Henry Morris, “The Tri-Universe,” Founder of Institute for Creation Research.

I have been teaching a series on Genesis 1 at our church. The following podcast is the first part of a teaching on Genesis 1:1.