Baby Countdown

We have two weeks until Isaac's due date (Thanksgiving Day)! I'm not sure what that means since he probably won't actually be born on that day, and there always the possibility he is not a he. So . . . we are nearing the general vicinity of the time that our next baby will be born! If he is a boy, then we will be even with four boys and four girls. We are getting ready and excited around here. We are all grateful for God's blessing of this new life.

But this addition will actually make #11 in our household. We have added another family member this year. Brock Buchanan is a young man who moved to the area to attend ASU and ended up coming to our church. The short story: he lived with us over the summer, moved into an apartment this Fall, but decided he liked living with us better! So now he's back and part of the family.

And now for an unrelated, random, cute picture. Kathryn is three (front) and Samantha is one (back).

Kathryn Update

Kathryn is two now. She is a beautiful little girl with a nice sense of humor when she warms up to you. In general, though, she is pretty happy on her own and shies away from too much attention. She making good progress in life: successful potty training, learning colors and numbers, and moving out of her crib.

Garden Update

Our garden has done very well this year . . . and so have the weeds. Fortunately, our vegetables have paid little attention to the weeds and just kept right on growing and producing. Here is a basket of our harvest a couple of weeks ago.

Our tomato plants did way better this year than last. Maybe we put some more love into them . . .

Here is a shot of our little country girl, Kathryn.

Pictures of Samantha's First Day

Here are some pictures of Samantha's first day.






OK, now I saved the most hilarious picture for last. This was an unbelievable fluke shot--she's not really smiling yet, of course. We have got a lot of laughs out of it. Maybe Samantha forgot, just for a millimoment, that she was supposed to act like a baby and blew her cover. Apparently, she knows something we don't.