Samantha Update

Samantha (our seventh) is now six months old. She is quite "healthy" (as they say about non-skinny babies). She is very happy and  loves to smile at anyone who looks at her. Her newest trick is that she is learning to sit up.

Pictures of Samantha's First Day

Here are some pictures of Samantha's first day.






OK, now I saved the most hilarious picture for last. This was an unbelievable fluke shot--she's not really smiling yet, of course. We have got a lot of laughs out of it. Maybe Samantha forgot, just for a millimoment, that she was supposed to act like a baby and blew her cover. Apparently, she knows something we don't.


Samantha Rubie is Born!

We are grateful to the Lord for answering many prayer in the safe birth of Samantha. She was born at one this morning, June 16; she was 8lb 14oz and 20'' long. The main part of labor went beautifully (Dana is amazing!). But when it came to the end, Samantha's head was turned sideways and it took longer than usual. Finally, we were told that if she didn't come out soon, she would have to have a c-section. Dana basically had two more pushes to try. And she did it! (with help from the Dr. turning her head and pulling her out). Thank you Carrington, Dr. Womack, and all the nurses! It was a stressful exit, the cord was around her neck, and she swallowed some fluid, so she had trouble breathing at first. Her first couple of hours were in the nursery. But she recovered quickly, returned to us, and nursed like she knew what she was doing!

We named her Samantha Rubie because Dana's Granddaddy's name was Sam and both of our Grandmothers' names were Rubie (or Ruby).