Series on Genesis 1

Most of the greatest questions about life are answered in the book of Genesis. Where did the earth and universe come from? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is expected of us? Where did evil come from?

We have started a series on Genesis 1 on Sunday mornings at our church, Highland Christian Fellowship. You can now stream or download the series as it unfolds on the Downloads & Resources page. So far, there are four parts:

1. Our Cosmic Context (Intro to Gen)

2. God Created Everything (Gen 1:1)

3. God Is Sovereign (Gen 1:1)

4. God is Good (Gen 1:2)

Free Downloads & Resources

I started a brand new page that will be filled with free downloads and resources! There will be two types of content, audio recording and documents.

I have loved producing the Truth to Freedom podcast, and will continue to do so. There is also a desire, though, to have the Bible teachings available in an archive where they can be organized and downloaded. I have recently started a series on Genesis, chapter 1. I just uploaded the teaching from Sunday, which is part 4. It is titled "God Is Good" and focuses on Gen 1:2. Soon I will put up parts 1-3.

Also available is the full recordings of one of the sessions I gave at the annual North Carolinians for Home Education Conference: How to Help Your Children Become Self-Motivated.

Documents currently available include the free e-book on Elders in the Church, an essay on Biblical Conflict Resolution, and an essay on Ministry Appointment and Ministry Commission. Many more to come!