Free Downloads & Resources

I started a brand new page that will be filled with free downloads and resources! There will be two types of content, audio recording and documents.

I have loved producing the Truth to Freedom podcast, and will continue to do so. There is also a desire, though, to have the Bible teachings available in an archive where they can be organized and downloaded. I have recently started a series on Genesis, chapter 1. I just uploaded the teaching from Sunday, which is part 4. It is titled "God Is Good" and focuses on Gen 1:2. Soon I will put up parts 1-3.

Also available is the full recordings of one of the sessions I gave at the annual North Carolinians for Home Education Conference: How to Help Your Children Become Self-Motivated.

Documents currently available include the free e-book on Elders in the Church, an essay on Biblical Conflict Resolution, and an essay on Ministry Appointment and Ministry Commission. Many more to come!